Another holiday weekend come and gone 

Another holiday weekend come and gone 

Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with family gorging on the traditional fare and hanging out. I enjoy the time off but this isn’t my favorite holiday. If it wouldn’t cause a riot I’d probably travel during my time off. With my son staying with his dad during this holiday I always feel at loose ends. I hate Black Friday shopping so that’s out, so instead long naps and leaf raking happens. It’s dismal and I need a new plan for next year because this is getting old!

Let’s talk food – despite my goal of smaller portions which I did….somewhere I miscalculated and had too many carbs. I took a 7 hour carb coma nap and then I’ve suffered every day after from the food. Ugh I totally get why meal preppers take their own food and get grief, but it may be worth it in the long run. Damn I’ve been miserable.

Between now and when my son gets here for Christmas break I’ll get the house all decked out…totally deck the halls. This is one of our favorite holidays to spend together. I work from home while he’s here which I appreciate and so does he. I have a presence in the house, we have our meals together, and have some awesome conversations. Give us time and we’ll solve some world issues! It’s during those times that we’ve plotted and planned the future. He’s a sharp kid and I can’t wait to see what he does in life. 

What else? Cooking – I have some truffle Mac’n Cheese to make while he’s home so gathering ingredients is on the to do list. This dish ranks higher than chocolate cheesecake with ganache. The cheesecake I’d be restricted to a sliver so I’m kind of glad this one is off the table. I’ve been researching other options. Flourless chocolate cake is on the list along with a chocolate tart. High in cacao and lower in sugar. Still looking so if anyone has a recipe to throw my way remember low carb. 

Holidays don’t always work out like we want and that can be ok. This year I drove my grandfather home. He only complained a little about my driving and I’d be shocked if he didn’t. It’s part of the experience. I wanted to offer to take him down to my grandmother’s grave, but he looked tired and ready for a nap. So I kept the offer to myself and gave him a big hug and took off. As I was tooling down the road I still felt the need to visit family that had passed. I was coming up to the turn off for the cemetery where my dad is buried I jumped two lanes and made a crazy right turn. No other drivers were harmed in the lane change or turn. It was like some internal need that had to be met. Maybe I’m just strange but I was heading to the graveyard in no time. It wasn’t planned so when Ginger jumped out I’m snatching her up in fear of having my dog decide she needs a potty break. That just seemed wrong. 

Many years ago I read a book and one of the characters would leave a stone on the headstone to represent they had visited. The cemetery that my grandparents on my dad’s side are buried you can’t leave flowers because they have strict rules, so I got in the habit of leaving a stone.  

My step-mom has really pretty flowers throughout the year, so again no need to bring flowers to the cemetery where he’s buried. Every time I visit or when Seth comes with me, we leave a stone to say “we were here.” So on this visit I’m looking around for a small stone with a dog under one arm. It was a brief visit but it settled something inside of me. 

What’s next? Tomorrow it’s back to the office and the daily grind, but it just means I’m getting closer to time for my son to be here. Deck the halls and let’s be merry cause I’m ready for some mom and son time!

However you celebrate the holidays enjoy! If that’s not your thing have fun on your days off if you get them. 

Peace and goodwill – G.


Dog days of summer

Dog days of summer

Labor Day is the last summer holiday to spend out on the lake enjoying the warm temps, family, and friends. Hard to beat cruising around on the lake with the wind in your hair, the sun rays beaming down, and my shades on cause I’m cool like that. What makes me cool is my faithful companion, Ginger, who is a water loving, boat riding dog! Really I’m so nerdy I have to surround myself with cool friends and my dog. 

I’m not into fishing so boating for me kicks off Memorial Day weekend, which is the unofficial start to summer. Whoever spaced out the holidays for summer did a great job because smack in the middle is 4th of July. I’m on the lake every chance I get, but it’s a three day weekend to enjoy cruising around in boat. In my case, I’m usually pulling a tube, slinging teenagers around to their delight or terror depending on the day. I have been called the ‘Joker’. Sick kids! They said my smile was a bit too delightful. 

Once you get past the 4th it’s just hotter than hell, but depending on the year getting out on the lake can still be enjoyable and not a sweat fest. Finally we’re at the end of the summer and for those with kids they are back to school. Labor day weekend is either a celebration of their return to school or in my case one of the last opportunities to enjoy the end of summer. I’ve opted this year to wait to winterize the boat after we cruise around looking at fall leaves. I think it will be a beautiful sight to see from the water. Future adventure post in the making! 

Being out on the lake is peaceful and relaxing. It’s a great time to just be present with the people you’re with. The phone isn’t ruling me other than to take some selfies…have to document the fun it’s so rare! Workaholics need breaks too. I’m trying to find some balance between work and life. I teeter totter back and forth all the time. If someone has it figured out they should let me know.

So rise and shine folks! Have a fantastic holiday if you are celebrating here in the states. Ginger and I are gearing up for a great day!