3 things to know about dogs on a diet

3 things to know about dogs on a diet

My sweet, plump furbaby got a poor report from the vet on her last visit. She has a heart murmur and she’s a tad overweight. Those two things don’t go together if I want her to have a long healthy life. I did some research and looked for the best food for an older dog with a heart condition. Changing foods is no fun but it had to be done.

I decided to hit up the local Tractor Supply store, since I know they carry some of the premium options that I was trying to choose between.

It felt like I had a million options and in reality it was only four.

The sad state of a doggie diet:

1. They probably won’t like the change.

She seemed to love Blue Diamond but that was a false positive. It was NEW. I was tricked and on the first opportunity I didn’t monitor yard time she was eating scraps thrown out by the neighbor like a junkie getting her fix. Her belly was so distended I immediately pulled out some pumpkin from the freezer to defrost. It helps the bloat and gets her to poop.

For my dog it was about foods that would help with the heart murmur issue, so high protein and grain free. I tried Blue Diamond and it was good but she got to where she didn’t seem to want to eat it. Her pooping was off the charts. No diarrhea but she went every time I let her out. So above normal. Just what you wanted to read about I’m sure.

This go around I bought A Taste of the Wild salmon flavored. She turned her nose up in the beginning and the gas.

She could slay me with her toots.

I’m about halfway through the small bag and her gut has settled down. I have to watch for scavenger behavior during yard time. She has no remorse for her bad choices. All those memes about dieting are for my dog.

2. They cheat on their diets.

If it’s on the table, thrown in a yard, on my plate or even my coffee – it’s fair game. I’ve been stared down for my food. The harassment can go from big sad eyes to the full court press of barking to let me know I should give her some. Umm no she’s on a diet! That excuse doesn’t work for her.

The ironic thing is I’m also doing a healthy change with food and I know I cheat. She knows I cheat. How do I know she knows you ask. Because I get the look…the look that says I know that tastes good and you should give me some. I’m sure it’s my own guilt creating that assumed doggie knowledge but she’s really good with the look. Survival of the fittest or the one that can employ the most pitiful looks. Darwin didn’t take those into account when he was on Galapagos.

This little angel stole Christmas candy from my son’s room. He thought it was in a high enough location she couldn’t reach. Nothing is to great for this Houdini!

3. They eventually lose some weight despite the cheating.

In a months time the change has been noticeable. She went from lethargic and hardly ever chasing a squirrel to actually doing a jog around the yard. It’s like she has pep in her step and attitude to go with it. Her eyesight seems to be improved. I can give a command and point at the squirrel and she sees it. Before she would look around like she wasn’t sure what I was talking about. Same command so it’s not me. She runs and doesn’t get winded right away. She still has a heart murmur, but I’m trying to decrease the impact on her longevity and improve her quality of life.

Where are we now in the life change aka doggie diet?

Still guarding my plate and cup from her intense regard while I eat. A moment of weakness or lack of attention could result in the loss of a meal for myself. Rigid control is necessary when I’m dealing with the look…hard to withstand the cuteness for long. Avoid eye contact for as long as possible – it’s a key to not giving in to her demands. I’m on guard for a scam since she’s a little con artist. She can open backpack zippers, dig into unattended bags or purses, snatch items right off the table, begs strangers and family members. She has no shame.

She had a life change against her will but in the long run it’s worth it. Her health is improved, and I get to experience all the attitude of a sassy furbaby. The attitude of a dog on a diet!

May you have a healthy year!


☆Please note this was a decision I made for my dog. I didn’t consult the vet before changing food, but I know her condition and did my reaearch. If your dog has a similar condition you may want to consult your vet first.


Prepping for life 

Prepping for life 

I’ve been pondering on what’s the main priorities in my life because once again the sand is shifting. It’s not bad things but there will be changes in the near future – how do I want to prepare or react. Life always seems to be going left when you were planning for right.

One big thing that is looming in the next year will be my son going off to college. We spent part of the time this summer doing a college visit and then him making the decision on “the one”. He’s already been accepted and the admission has been paid all before his senior year of high school starts…it’s like crazy talk!

I’m so proud of him and at the same time the planner in me wants to start prepping. Just imagine a doomsday prepper but for college. I’ve got a list I’m already working on of what I need to be on the lookout for throughout the next year. It might be a sickness.

This is what I imagine I look like except I don’t!

Second, the travel for my job has grown and that is not in any way a complaint! I love traveling which means priorities and activities in my life have changed to revolve around my work life. I was admiring my boat that has not been in the water one time this summer. Partly due to the crappy weather early on that put a bunch of trash on the lake and partly because I’m just not home. I’m in the process of deciding do I sell or do I keep. Selling is looking like the best plan based on the current projection of my life.

Third, I have friends all across the US and I would like to spend more time traveling and seeing them along the way. Sometimes it works out with my work travel but not always. I’ve also got plans to take advantage of some work opportunities, which means change and new priorities.

You would think life would settle into a rut of the same thing, and I guess I could let it happen…nah not really my style. See doomsday prepper above. I’m planning, I’m looking for an adventure, I’m learning something new, and I want to live my life to the fullest. You can’t really do that if you’re in a rut.

What’s next you ask? Probably sell the boat, more travel, see my friends, get my kid prepped for the apocalypse…I mean college, go to a fabulous wedding in the Colorado mountains and I plan to hit the beach in Florida.

As I come to a close I want to share a quote I saw on Instagram…I’m in love with it!!! (I’ve included the link for those that love it as much as I do!)


So dream big and be bold. You have to be bold if you’re going to do the things that scare you. An example, I have a love and hate relationship with rollercoaters. Love them but I hate that feeling where my stomach is one place and I’m another. But I still get in line, I still get on the coaster because I’m not letting my fear, or that temporary feeling prevent me from doing something fun or bold.

Do you have bold dreams but you’re holding yourself back? What’s that saying?…oh yeah ‘get over yourself’ not the same context but I’m sure you get the intent.

So, I’ve got some shifting sands, and I’m once again going to make some changes in my life, and it’s a good thing! Just prepping for a new day!

Peace – G.

*photo credit to prepperfortress.com

To soar you have to Jump

This blogging thing was only going to be about travel and somehow it has branched into another blog. I enjoy writing and talking about nonsense or maybe sense depending on how you look at it. This all started from a post on Facebook about my travel and writing a travel blog. I’m enjoying the journey and I attribute that to being a life-long learner…blogging is a learning experience! I’ve received great support of my first blog which eventually became two blogs and finally back to one combined blog. I realized that some of the things I wanted to talk about or share really weren’t related to travel hence Musings by G. I reflect on a lot of things so topics will vary and they may have no rhyme or reason. I’m just figuring this thing out and I’ve read all kinds of tips about blogging. Personally I think I’ll just take it one trip at a time to one day at time depending on which blog I’m writing.

As I started this adventure and as I’ve been considering other life changes my sister sent this inspirational video and I wanted to share. The video made me think of the Eminem song ‘Guts Over Fear’. ❤ it! I step out on the ledge often and I’m fearful, but I’m going to make the jump because I’m not letting the fear hold me back.

Fear can stop a person in their tracks and it doesn’t have to be from the monster in the closet. For some fear is an every day existence and for others it just occurs at those unexpected moments. In this case I’m going to refer to the fear that people have of change. Change is a scary thing for some. I’m typically an early adapter and I think that’s a learned behavior rather than being innate. I push myself to overcome obstacles or barriers…anyway the ones I perceive. My own thinking can get in the way of living which is why I love this video called Jump. When you make a leap of faith you can’t let any negative thinking enter your mind or you might fall- it’s having the belief and faith that you will make it. Although be prepared for a little crash and burn!