I was tagged recently to post black and white pics for seven days. If you’ve been on Facebook you’ve probably seen some of your friends doing this and then finding other willing victims to do the same. Only rule is no people. Seems easy enough. I started with my dog who is technically a person (she thinks), missed the second day because I was on the road all day and forgot, so now I’m going to see if I can finish off this experiment with a bang.

I’m going to share all 7 of my b&w wonders. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. ✌

Day 1 – rat terrier at rest
Day 2 – key to the kingdom
Day 3 – travel finds

The rat terrier and the cigar box have drawn some good conversation. Dog people love dogs. I should know I follow UPS dogs on Facebook and then dogs on Instagram.

Day 4 – beautiful fall day

This oak tree has been the most liked post. It was the most work. I actually took the pic upside down in my hand standing with my phone angled enough so I wouldn’t be in the pic, rather than laying on the ground and facing up.

Day 5 – rest and relaxation
Day 6 – a gift that keeps giving

A family friend made the birdhouse and it is in use all year long. The birds have a home to enjoy and squirrels a nice place to stand and observe their domain.

From this photo you can’t tell that it has a bright red roof and it draws the eye immediately when gazing in my backyard, which I do often since I’m a backyard birder. Still working on my life list and with many thanks to my friend that built this house. Unfortunately he passed on the day I took the photo but I have a reminder of this sweet and generous person. May he rest in peace and sing with the angels!

Day 7 – thankful for those that serve

My seventh day is just shy of Veterans Day, which lands on a Saturday this year. As I left work all the flags looked so pretty at the entrance. Glad I work for a company that recognizes our veterans contributions. Thankful for my family members that were in the armed forces.

This “experiment” because I’m not sure what makes it an experiment unless it’s a social experiment. I can see that possibly considering I was using social media and trying to elicit a response from people. And I was successful with more than one of my photos.

The experiment did foster a lot of conversation social media or in person. Part of the challenge was to solicit others aka challenge them to participate. I did tag three people that didn’t take up the challenge. They’re the control for the experiment or failures depending on how you look at it. It was interesting and fun to see what people identify with or recognize from the photos I’ve posted on social media.

I challenge anyone that is interested to post photos for 7 days on their favorite social media site. Hopefully you have more success finding willing victims that will participate with you. Share in the comments if you had an interesting experience with your b&w experiment.

Enjoy! -G.


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