‘We cling to memories as if they define us, what we do is what defines us.’

Great quote from the movie Ghost in the Shell. It struck me to the core. Movie was pretty good but the quote was outstanding. Why? Maybe because I don’t live in the past. Life moves forward and I’m moving with it. I know there are times we get bogged down by things that have happened to us…we all do it. It’s how we react, at what point we shake it off and move on.

Bitterness is so hard to let go of because that means you have to let go of what you’ve been carrying around for hours, days or years. It’s not easy and I can say that from experience. Forgiving someone that has done you wrong and has caused this well of bitterness inside you might seem impossible, but truly it can be done. Once you let that burden go it’s like breathing in new life giving air. You’re renewed and you can move forward with purpose.

I would like to say I’m like Jesus and I’ll turn my cheek every time. I’m not Jesus so that doesn’t always happen. I can carry a grudge with the best of them. So I don’t want you to think I easily let go of burdens or that I forgive at the drop of the hat. I’m a real person with real challenges both externally and internally. We all are. It’s up to each one of us to decide how much control we want to give that person or instance in our life. Maybe forgiving isn’t an option but moving on is….

This quote is a reminder that moving forward with a happy spirit we will see things in a more positive light. Things will work out because our perception about where we are in life, our emotions, and maybe even our situation has changed.

I’ve talked about being positive more than once and I admit I’m not always in a positive mindset. It takes effort. One thing I have seen are people that choose positivity then their positive outlook shines for others to see. The power of positivity! I want to be defined in such a way that I have the power to impact those around me in a positive way just by having a higher awareness of my attitude.

For example, I was given news the other day that I could’ve taken in a negative light but instead I saw the positive. It was a win for me. I’m not letting this one instance keep me from my goals or throw me off track. With the power of positivity I can do anything. Sometimes I just have to give myself reminders. I’m my harshest critic. Really no one else can top how tough I am on myself.

Things will work out and I decide how I’m defined!

Enjoy some fall weather wherever you are and be positive!



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