Measuring success…

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” – Booker T. Washington

Lord I hope this true – because in the end I’ll have overcome the equivalent of Mt. Everest based on the current level of obstacles. It’s up to each one of us on how we tackle that mountain. Will it beat us or will we succeed and overcome in the end. I want to hang my prayer flag at the top of my Mt. Everest!

Actually my son had to do a project a few years ago for his English class on the book he was reading. Peak by Roland Smith is exceptional and I’ve read it with him more than once and on my own just cause. It’s one of our favorites. Anyway in rubric hell he had to select several items to get all the points he needed to achieve a good grade. One of the options was to recreate something from the book hence a prayer flag. I still have it in my home office. It represents our love of the book and the beginning of his love of reading. Sweet memories!

Life is full of obstacles to overcome and figure away around or just figure out. We can spend lots of time just trying to figure things out. It’s important to not be paralyzed by indecisiveness or fear of the next step. Just like my first post Jump. Jump knowing you’re going to get some bruises, jumping knowing it might hurt, jump because action is better than inaction, and jump because it means you’re alive and free to make the choice to go in any direction you choose. Hopefully the direction you choose is a path that leads to a greater success, the next peak or maybe you rise to the pinnacle and you can see for miles around you and choose what side of the mountain you want to travel down. What new adventures are on the horizon or to look back at what you’ve overcome because the past is an important teacher and influencer on how we approach the future. Eventually I want to walk down to the beach and sit in the sand or stand in the surf and just enjoy life. Oh and I need a cocktail cause that’s what we do!

Unfortunately I’m nowhere near getting to that beach unless it’s a vacation. Funny thing I don’t seem to be picking the beach I head for the mountains. I think my compass is confused. I can see it as more obstacles or that I’m working on achieving even greater success in my life. It’s all in your perspective!



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