I talked about my struggles with my temper a bit in my last blog. As a kid there was a lot of family strife and it boiled out of me when I couldn’t take the stress of it anymore. How did I find patience and peace? It was a long process that took years.

My poor anger habits were ingrained. When I look back over the years I see baby steps away from that poor habit. Patience was a level of maturity I hadn’t attained in some areas. Anger has a way of making a shaky conversation take a nose dive. It wasn’t until I had a child that I started getting a bigger grasp of my anger issue. You think it’s easy to control…ummm not. Pops out at the most inappropriate times. At the time I was married and for sure he knew how to push every angry button I had. I could see myself losing control, but I couldn’t reel it in for the life of me.

It wasn’t until after my divorce that I had an epiphany. Whoever controls my anger controls me. WTH! That can’t be right. The more I thought about it the more disturbingly real that statement became…and it was in my own head so it was a rowdy conversation.

Once that lightning bolt of realization settled in I promised myself that I would not allow my anger to control me again. I’ve struggled through some situations. I know I’ve lost it a few times, but I’ve come a long way from out of control.

I’m not going to say I don’t get mad, but I decide what my reaction will be. Do I confront the person? Do I wait till emotions have cooled down? Let it go because it’s just not worth an argument? Do I plot justice (might possibly be called revenge but that sounds so negative)?….sometimes justice is fun stuff.

Point is get a grip on the emotions so YOU are the one in control not someone else.



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