Cruising Taneycomo

My job provides some fun experiences and this was one of those opportunities. After a long day of meetings we all loaded up on the Princess to cruise up and then back down Lake Taneycomo. It’s a small lake that sits between Table Rock Lake and Bull Shoals. Because it’s so small and the water coming off of Table Rock it stays cold all year long. I’ve actually taken a boat ride up the Bull Shoals Lake to where the water spills over from Taneycomo. Brrrrrr comes to mind but we all jumped in and took a quick dip. I will not call it a swim because it didn’t last that long. Obviously not this trip but when the water is high on Bull Shoals it makes for an interesting day out on the lake.

It was a beautiful evening and as we went down to board the fountains were shooting up sprays of water. Just had to capture the moment.


This was a dinner cruise that was being catered so no great foodie find. The meal was good but it was the views that really captured your attention. The water was pristine, big fluffy white clouds in the sky, plus the reflection on the water equals amazing!

I just couldn’t resist snapping a few pics as we moved up the lake. The scenery is so classic of the Ozarks.


We finally got to a turning around point and as we were coming back you could see an open field behind a stand of trees. It’s right at dusk so there were several deer in the glen. It was so peaceful looking just made for a relaxing end to the day.


As we were coming into the dock I stepped out the back door and took this pic. Just thought the water churning and the low light made a beautiful shot. If you are in Branson and want something fun and relaxing definitely take a ride on the Princess. You can find her on the Branson Landing.

Here I am with one of my besties! We had fun cruising up and down the lake. Great end to a long day!



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