It’s ironic how out of the blue you can be hit with a memory that strikes grief right to your soul. I had that happen to me this morning, the memory of my dad and his last day. It’s been 2 years since that day my sister and I made that 2.5 hour drive to the hospital. An eternity was wrapped up in that drive and it just carried on when we had to make that grief stricken drive back knowing he was gone forever.

Life does go on, but it is changed and in ways you never expect. One way for me was my writing, at work I wrote a blog on our internal communication site…a little like facebook but not, and it was always something positive and upbeat. Once I wrote my dad’s eulogy that was it nothing else seemed to flow out of me again. It took well over a year before I felt that same internal connection I had to my thoughts and feelings, and be able to express them in written form. I don’t claim to be the greatest writer ever, but I find the creative process enjoyable.

Only thing was I didn’t want to write the work blog anymore I didn’t know what I wanted to do for sure. I really didn’t make the mental connection until I posted the first blog on this site and then wham I knew this was it. I know people talk about writers block and how to push through I’ve done that, but you want that connection or at least I do to my work. When I have that connection or flow I know that it’s the good stuff and rarely do I need to edit….maybe I should but the creative side of me says no. Recently I was researching ‘flow state’ or ‘in the zone’ and how you reach inside of yourself and get to that spot. Ultimately it comes down to quieting your mind – for those of us with busy minds that’s a challenge!

Along with learning about flow states I found an article that really helped me to figure out and explain how I was creative. I didn’t really associate that word with myself because my sister is the artist and that’s what I think of as creative. My brother is musically talented and that’s creative. I was not any of those things. If you struggle with that same thought check this article out ‘18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently‘ and see if any of it relates to you. I realized I am creative in my own way and I need to stop thinking I’m not.

Be creative and know when the memories are tough they are still sweet because we have them.


*Photo taken by Brandy Still and used with her permission.


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