To soar you have to Jump

This blogging thing was only going to be about travel and somehow it has branched into another blog. I enjoy writing and talking about nonsense or maybe sense depending on how you look at it. This all started from a post on Facebook about my travel and writing a travel blog. I’m enjoying the journey and I attribute that to being a life-long learner…blogging is a learning experience! I’ve received great support of my first blog which eventually became two blogs and finally back to one combined blog. I realized that some of the things I wanted to talk about or share really weren’t related to travel hence Musings by G. I reflect on a lot of things so topics will vary and they may have no rhyme or reason. I’m just figuring this thing out and I’ve read all kinds of tips about blogging. Personally I think I’ll just take it one trip at a time to one day at time depending on which blog I’m writing.

As I started this adventure and as I’ve been considering other life changes my sister sent this inspirational video and I wanted to share. The video made me think of the Eminem song ‘Guts Over Fear’. ❤ it! I step out on the ledge often and I’m fearful, but I’m going to make the jump because I’m not letting the fear hold me back.

Fear can stop a person in their tracks and it doesn’t have to be from the monster in the closet. For some fear is an every day existence and for others it just occurs at those unexpected moments. In this case I’m going to refer to the fear that people have of change. Change is a scary thing for some. I’m typically an early adapter and I think that’s a learned behavior rather than being innate. I push myself to overcome obstacles or barriers…anyway the ones I perceive. My own thinking can get in the way of living which is why I love this video called Jump. When you make a leap of faith you can’t let any negative thinking enter your mind or you might fall- it’s having the belief and faith that you will make it. Although be prepared for a little crash and burn!



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