Oklahoma City: What to see on a quick trip!

I spent the last week in Oklahoma City working mostly, but I got to see some of the sights. The team I was with took an evening to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Hard to believe so many years have passed since that tragedy occurred, so if you ever happen to be in OKC I highly recommend a stop to see it.

The photos represent 3 minutes of time….as I was standing there it was a little hard to take in. The chairs in the middle photo are all the lost lives. The small chairs represent the children which was sad to see. I saw this in the early evening, but I would imagine all lit up at night it is a solemn and beautiful sight.

For those that like to leave a mark – put your hand in the the reflecting pool and then touch the wall it leaves a permanent mark. Don’t worry it’s not illegal! I had a staff member directing me.

I came and I saw – I empathize with your loss.

I stayed on the west side of town, so my hotel was right on the walking path that leads down to the stockyards. Beautiful spot to sit and enjoy a nice evening….not too hot actually for August! Lots of bicycles on the path so look both ways.

So no blog would be complete without talking about food! I only have one place to recommend ‘The Frosted Mug‘. If you look at the reviews on yelp it’s mid threes – from my foodie perspective it’s good bar food. The staff and manager were great, which is plus for service. As a group we had the Thunder Fries, fried pickles and some cheese dip (the cheese dip wasn’t my fave). I had the shrimp tacos one night and then we were back another night…obviously we liked the joint. Atmosphere was fun and lively…it’s a bar!

Finally made it to the end of the week and was headed home. I saw the prettiest blue skies so I snapped a pic. Of course I get home to a rainy weekend…that’s the luck!

Blue skies of Oklahoma




4 thoughts on “Oklahoma City: What to see on a quick trip!

  1. Awesome blog about okc and loved the pictures of course, next time take some pictures of the food your eating too so we can see what it looks like as you’re talking about it, only because I’ve never had or seen fried pickles. Just a thought. Waiting until next time. 😍 Rebel


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