My journey to the center of the universe!

It’s a radical statement and I’m being serious….it happened in Tulsa….Oklahoma.

I had been told about this unique spot from a crazy marathoner. It’s included as part of the Route 66 Marathon…to add a little extra right near the end. Something sick about that.

Fascinating thing about the center of the universe if you stand in the center of the circle you can hear every noise amplified in you head. Supposedly if you drop a pin you can hear it like a gong….I didn’t have one so I talked to myself….that’s normal by the way. I hummed which felt like a vibration in my head times ten.

At the top of the rise is the Artifical Cloud by Bob Haozous…unique art for sure. If you look at the sides of the sculpture you can see figures cut into the side.

The building in the background was designed by the same architect as the original twin towers in NYC. You just got science, art and history all in one blog and one stop if you ever visit the center of the universe!
Parking was easy during the day, and I didn’t have to pay. If you’re in a hurry max of 10-15 minutes. No foodie stops since it was well after lunch. I did see several places at the bottom of the hill off Boston street that I will have to check out in the future!



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