I’m starting a grand adventure – this blog of my travels. I might be the only one that ever sees it but I’m cool with that! My job allows me to travel and I try to make the most of each trip. Recently I was in California traveling from Sacramento driving down to LA. I was able to see places that I’ve heard about for years from my grandparents and their life in CA.

Ok so the point is what did I see – well this wasn’t my first or even my second trip to the west coast so I had to be different. I decided to drive Hwy 2 the Angeles Crest Highway. If you’ve never done that, then you should. It’s beautiful and I would imagine in the spring even more so! I stopped along the way taking a ton of pictures. Don’t worry I will share. The best part of that trip for me was seeing the sign for the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s on my bucket list! I was wearing the wrong shoes but I took off up the trail with the intent of walking for a bit….well that ended at about 100 yards when the slope went straight up. My slick bottomed sandals couldn’t compete with that slope. Instead I took the appropriate pictures and made my way back to the rental car!

I had found a list on Pinterest of things to do in LA…not the normal list either. I headed for downtown to The Last Bookstore – what an amazing place! If you are a bibliophile it’s a MUST!!! I came out of there with two books and read one on the flight home. I’m lucky it was only two – the baggage weight was the only thing holding me back. I was already at 45lbs. I still had 3 more days to go of a 10 day trip.

Next on my list was Griffith Observatory, which was only 10 miles away. Really that’s how far I drive from work to home…no sweat. My drive is 10 minutes this one took an hour. I did get to see the Hollywood sign and the views of LA from the top of the Observatory were fantastic. If I’d worn the appropriate shoes I could’ve gone for a hike but once again I left them back at the hotel.

So this blog wouldn’t be complete without me talking about food because I’m a foodie. Places to try:
Sacramento – Broderick Restaurant – brew their own beer and cider; must try the bacon mac n’ cheese; fish tacos on handmade tortillas delicious!
Rancho Cucamonga – JP Latin Deli (Peruvian) holy cow I could eat the lomo saltada every day it was so good and the owners are sweet as can be.
Rancho Cucamonga – Flamingo Palms Cuban Café – Polla Asado and the original mojito were excellent.

If you should happen on this blog please share your thoughts! – G.


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