Memories…oh how they creep

Memories…oh how they creep

It’s ironic how out of the blue you can be hit with a memory that strikes grief right to your soul. I had that happen to me this morning, the memory of my dad and his last day. It’s been 2 years since that day my sister and I made that 2.5 hour drive to the hospital. An eternity was wrapped up in that drive and it just carried on when we had to make that grief stricken drive back knowing he was gone forever.

Life does go on, but it is changed and in ways you never expect. One way for me was my writing, at work I wrote a blog on our internal communication site…a little like facebook but not, and it was always something positive and upbeat. Once I wrote my dad’s eulogy that was it nothing else seemed to flow out of me again. It took well over a year before I felt that same internal connection I had to my thoughts and feelings, and be able to express them in written form. I don’t claim to be the greatest writer ever, but I find the creative process enjoyable.

Only thing was I didn’t want to write the work blog anymore I didn’t know what I wanted to do for sure. I really didn’t make the mental connection until I posted the first blog on this site and then wham I knew this was it. I know people talk about writers block and how to push through I’ve done that, but you want that connection or at least I do to my work. When I have that connection or flow I know that it’s the good stuff and rarely do I need to edit….maybe I should but the creative side of me says no. Recently I was researching ‘flow state’ or ‘in the zone’ and how you reach inside of yourself and get to that spot. Ultimately it comes down to quieting your mind – for those of us with busy minds that’s a challenge!

Along with learning about flow states I found an article that really helped me to figure out and explain how I was creative. I didn’t really associate that word with myself because my sister is the artist and that’s what I think of as creative. My brother is musically talented and that’s creative. I was not any of those things. If you struggle with that same thought check this article out ‘18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently‘ and see if any of it relates to you. I realized I am creative in my own way and I need to stop thinking I’m not.

Be creative and know when the memories are tough they are still sweet because we have them.


*Photo taken by Brandy Still and used with her permission.


To soar you have to Jump

This blogging thing was only going to be about travel and somehow it has branched into another blog. I enjoy writing and talking about nonsense or maybe sense depending on how you look at it. This all started from a post on Facebook about my travel and writing a travel blog. I’m enjoying the journey and I attribute that to being a life-long learner…blogging is a learning experience! I’ve received great support of my first blog and you can check it out here Adventuregirl Gloria. I realized that some of the things I wanted to talk about or share really weren’t related to travel hence Musings by G. I reflect on a lot of things so topics will vary and they may have no rhyme or reason. I’m just figuring this thing out and I’ve read all kinds of tips about blogging. Personally I think I’ll just take it one trip at a time to one day at time depending on which blog I’m writing.

As I started this adventure and as I’ve been considering other life changes my sister sent this inspirational video and I wanted to share. The video made me think of the Eminem song ‘Guts Over Fear’. ❤ it! I step out on the ledge often and I’m fearful, but I’m going to make the jump because I’m not letting the fear hold me back.

Fear can stop a person in their tracks and it doesn’t have to be from the monster in the closet. For some fear is an every day existence and for others it just occurs at those unexpected moments. In this case I’m going to refer to the fear that people have of change. Change is a scary thing for some. I’m typically an early adapter and I think that’s a learned behavior rather than being innate. I push myself to overcome obstacles or barriers…anyway the ones I perceive. My own thinking can get in the way of living which is why I love this video called Jump. When you make a leap of faith you can’t let any negative thinking enter your mind or you might fall- it’s having the belief and faith that you will make it. Although be prepared for a little crash and burn!


Girl’s Day Out – Branson, MO

Girl’s Day Out – Branson, MO

Busy lives…we all have them, so finally this weekend my gf and I were able to take time out for a girl’s day! We’re fortunate that we live in the Ozarks, so we can enjoy the beauty of the area and be able to do a little shopping. Shopping we did….if you like outlet malls there are several in Branson and my fave is Tanger (the orange roof one). Although I actually didn’t go to any of them, but hit up an old faithful…TJMaxx.

Food was an important part of our day, so we headed down to the Branson Landing to Cantina Laredo. I highly recommend it. If you ever have an opportunity to have one of the tequila soaked pineapple slices…do! They will rock your world and give you a buzz at the same time. Every time I dine there it’s a delicious meal so try whatever makes your mouth water. This time round I had the chicken enchiladas with mole sauce. I’m a sucker for anything mole. The steamed zucchini seemed a little strange with it, but I’m all about being healthy so I ate it. I had the Cabo Flip margarita and it was delicious. A tequila shot was poured right into half a lime that was floating on top of the drink. Presentation was nice! My friend had the La Bandera which looked beautiful and tasted good too.

While we were sitting on the patio the water feature started shooting fire which was startling at first. It was more entertaining when I realized I wasn’t going to need to take cover.

After our luncheon we were off to ‘The Runaway Mountain Coaster‘. We had the best time and this was our first experience riding one of these things. The mountain coaster park just opened in the last month, so it has been on my list of things to try since I first heard about it. It lived up to all my expectations, and I plan to go again when my son is visiting. The price seemed reasonable to me $15. You will need to sign a waiver….that would be for those folks that don’t use a brake. Oh…we were those folks!

‘Life was meant for good friends and great adventure’   ~unknown



Oklahoma City…

I spent the last week in Oklahoma City working mostly, but I got to see some of the sights. The team I was with took an evening to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Hard to believe so many years have passed since that tragedy occurred, so if you ever happen to be in OKC I highly recommend a stop to see it.

The photos represent 3 minutes of time….as I was standing there it was a little hard to take in. The chairs in the middle photo are all the lost lives. The small chairs represent the children which was sad to see. I saw this in the early evening, but I would imagine all lit up at night it is a solemn and beautiful sight.

For those that like to leave a mark – put your hand in the the reflecting pool and then touch the wall it leaves a permanent mark. Don’t worry it’s not illegal! I had a staff member directing me.

I came and I saw – I empathize with your loss.

I stayed on the west side of town, so my hotel was right on the walking path that leads down to the stockyards. Beautiful spot to sit and enjoy a nice evening….not too hot actually for August! Lots of bicycles on the path so look both ways.

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My journey to the center of the universe!

It’s a radical statement and I’m being serious….it happened in Tulsa….Oklahoma.

 I had been told about this unique spot from a crazy marathoner. It’s included as part of the Route 66 Marathon…to add a little extra right near the end. Something sick about that.

Fascinating thing about the center of the universe if you stand in the center of the circle you can hear every noise amplified in you head. Supposedly if you drop a pin you can hear it like a gong….I didn’t have one so I talked to myself….that’s normal by the way. I hummed which felt like a vibration in my head times ten.

At the top of the rise is the Artifical Cloud by Bob Haozous…unique art for sure. If you look at the sides of the sculpture you can see figures cut into the side.

The building in the background was designed by the same architect as the original twin towers in NYC. You just got science, art and history all in one blog and one stop if you ever visit the center of the universe!
Parking was easy during the day, and I didn’t have to pay. If you’re in a hurry max of 10-15 minutes. No foodie stops since it was well after lunch. I did see several places at the bottom of the hill off Boston street that I will have to check out in the future!


Adventure in California 

Adventure in California 

I’m starting a grand adventure – this blog of my travels. I might be the only one that ever sees it but I’m cool with that! My job allows me to travel and I try to make the most of each trip. Recently I was in California traveling from Sacramento driving down to LA. I was able to see places that I’ve heard about for years from my grandparents and their life in CA.

Ok so the point is what did I see – well this wasn’t my first or even my second trip to the west coast so I had to be different. I decided to drive Hwy 2 the Angeles Crest Highway. If you’ve never done that, then you should. It’s beautiful and I would imagine in the spring even more so! I stopped along the way taking a ton of pictures. Don’t worry I will share. The best part of that trip for me was seeing the sign for the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s on my bucket list! I was wearing the wrong shoes but I took off up the trail with the intent of walking for a bit….well that ended at about 100 yards when the slope went straight up. My slick bottomed sandals couldn’t compete with that slope. Instead I took the appropriate pictures and made my way back to the rental car!

I had found a list on Pinterest of things to do in LA…not the normal list either. I headed for downtown to The Last Bookstore – what an amazing place! If you are a bibliophile it’s a MUST!!! I came out of there with two books and read one on the flight home. I’m lucky it was only two – the baggage weight was the only thing holding me back. I was already at 45lbs. I still had 3 more days to go of a 10 day trip.

Next on my list was Griffith Observatory, which was only 10 miles away. Really that’s how far I drive from work to home…no sweat. My drive is 10 minutes this one took an hour. I did get to see the Hollywood sign and the views of LA from the top of the Observatory were fantastic. If I’d worn the appropriate shoes I could’ve gone for a hike but once again I left them back at the hotel.

So this blog wouldn’t be complete without me talking about food because I’m a foodie. Places to try:
Sacramento – Broderick Restaurant – brew their own beer and cider; must try the bacon mac n’ cheese; fish tacos on handmade tortillas delicious!
Rancho Cucamonga – JP Latin Deli (Peruvian) holy cow I could eat the lomo saltada every day it was so good and the owners are sweet as can be.
Rancho Cucamonga – Flamingo Palms Cuban Café – Polla Asado and the original mojito were excellent.

If you should happen on this blog please share your thoughts! – G.